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Things May Come And Things May Go, But The Burrito Brothers Will Go On Forever ! by Rik Anderson

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The Burrito Brothers have been together as an ever-changing group of fine musicians, songwriters and vocalists for more than fifty years. The idea of some single observer being against the group continuing never will be, and never has been, a reason for this wonderful band’s forward motion to be stopped. There are vastly more people, fans, who truly appreciate the continuation of this fine musical legacy.

What nay-sayers never understand is that each new member of The Burrito Brothers to come in as a result of someone departing has been the right person for the job. These people are the farthest thing from “just anybody calling themselves The Burrito Brothers”. They are always a highly talented musician who has been associated with members of the group so much so as to be the obvious choice when a vacancy needs filling. There has never been an audition for a musician in the BBs. You have to “be there” to become a Burrito.

The band name ownership has only ever been obtained by those who have actually been involved and working in the group. People who hold headstrong notions about which version or versions of the group are legit are not ones who have walked in the shoes of those who do it. They’re like “armchair lawyers”. They don’t have a clue as to all that goes into such a thing as the continuation of The Burrito Brothers. And they’re much too proud of their own opinions.

Sneaky Pete once told an interviewer in the late 1970s that there will always be The Burrito Brothers. This was in answer to what was perceived as multitudes of personnel changes up to that point. Randall Harris told Chris James that there will still be Burritos long after he’s dead and gone.

The Burrito Brothers, quite simply, have proven to be a group that carries on. So the main point here is to listen and make your own choices as to whether or not you like what you hear. But keep opinions to yourself. Don’t act like you insist they cease. It’s conceited for an individual to think he or she is so important as to decide the career trajectory of a group of long-term professional musicians who are recording and performing with complete conviction.

Contrary to what narrow minded nay-sayers may think, this group has never been something anyone has “cashed in” on. It’s an uphill battle to bring further notoriety to a well-deserving legacy. The idea is to keep it alive and nurtured with top level musical output. The Burritos are definitely not a “tribute band” because they continue to make new albums of new material that they perform in concert. This excellent group is an ongoing concern, not a nostalgia act.

In fifty years there have been ups and downs. There have been great albums and there have been not-so-great ones.

There’s a new one now, “The Notorious Burrito Brothers” that happens to be one of the great ones. There’ll be more in the future. And, rest assured, they will always contain the thread of musical invention and direction mapped out by the history of this wonderful, always changing, classic Rock band.

Long live The Burrito Brothers.

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