Here we are in the years. The Burrito Brothers have been around for a long time now. But they are suddenly more alive than ever.

What’s up with that? Well, they’re musicians who really do consider each other brothers.

The funny name is making more sense today.

Chris, Bob, Tony and Pete have played together since the 1990s in Mr. Hyde. They know, and like, each other's moves. This band is lively, upbeat and loaded with great musicianship. So you want to be a rock & roll star? Well these guys drove in in that car.

Bob Hatter’s got the Clarence bender thing going while also the McGuinn 12-string and the (Stills or Young maybe?) acoustic fatness happening. And that’s not even mentioning Bob’s masterful expertise on electric guitar. He sure can write a song too.

The “great and smiling” Tony Paoletta is God’s own steel player. Okay that’s in danger of going over the top. But, truthfully, listen to his playing and try to tell me he’s doing something wrong. He’s fully versed with the Sneaky Pete oeuvre. And, essentially, every other steel player who came before him. Tony brings unlimited creativity to the table. His admirers are legion.

Peter Young is their consummate, familiar drummer. Everything’s fine cuz Pete’s holdin’ down the time. Been doing it a long, long while. They’ve recorded more sessions together than you could count. Pete sings a real nice harmony too.

And Chris James is their front man. He plays keyboards and guitar. Writes songs too. He wound up with the Burrito Brothers in 2009. He was offered a record deal to make a new album in 2010 by a group that would trademark and continue as The Burrito Brothers. Or he could decline. What kind of choice is that? Of course The Burrito Brothers are alive again! And that is definitely a good, good thing.

Jess Marich

“This latest incarnation is the closest to the original FBB sound of all of the previous bands.” Will James, Gram Parsons International.


“The Burritos delve into the mystic richness of the legacy and use it to create new musical gold.” Dave Carew, Underground Nashville.

“Finely produced Country-Rock with excellent instrumentation, and good songwriting and vocals. For my ears this banquet is just fine.” Chuck Wharton, Off The Charts Country.


“The group is definitely sound as ever, with cool players and singers who’ve established themselves in Cosmic American Music. The right person for the group seems to always come along.” Jess Marich, Shake! Magazine