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A Little Something Extra From The Sidelines

Burrito Deluxe – Sidelines

An Anthology of Non-Album Burrito Tracks

With “Sidelines” we present an album of high quality recordings that for

various reasons weren’t a part of any of The Burrito Brothers albums.

These tracks were recorded in between the making of the regular albums

or as singles and one-offs. Some also were recorded before the people

involved were in The BBs. They became “Burrito” recordings when it was

realized that the musicians who did the sessions became Burrito Brothers

band members later.

In order to differentiate this anthology album from the new, fully realized

Burrito Brothers albums, the spinoff name of Burrito Deluxe is given.

The name has been used before. The continuation of this 51 year old group

was called that from 2000 to 2007. Sneaky Pete played with them a few years.

It was their effort then to assuage the opinionated naysayers that they weren’t claiming to be the “original” Burrito Brothers. But they were the guys carrying on. There has always been a Burrito group continuing the legacy.

Even during those 7 years, the lineup changed often. I played with them a few times. When the next version of Burritos got signed in 2010 the label wanted us to secure the TM rights to “The Burrito Brothers”. We did so.

It is what it is. We’re the BBs now. Somebody else will be tomorrow. At least I hope so. It’s gotta keep going.

We intend to put together more collections like this album in the future.

Burrito Deluxe connotes side projects and variations from the “parent”

group. This in-house authorized bootleg outlet will be sure to maintain the

Burrito flavor and musical point of view. There are a lot of good recordings

from our past that haven’t been released.

This nice album is not intended to be regarded as the latest, brand new

offering from the Burritos. It is an addendum, a broadening of the scope

and overall picture.

But, make no mistake, it’s a good record. These songs are well deserving

of being made available to fans of The Burrito Brothers and their history.

It’s nice that there is this outlet for these tracks. They’re too good to be left unheard.

Chris P James July 2020

PS: This is not a regular release. The CDs and artwork are printed to order. While the case is nicely designed and contains all the credits and information, the CD itself has no artwork.

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04 de fev. de 2021

Thank you for making great music to listen to. Jo Mattie

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